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Are you interested in joining a fast-paced and growing industry?  Do you want to earn competitive wages with no college debt?  Would you like a career where you get to see and do different things every day?

Then you should join Biz Com, and train to be an electrician! 


In order to become a certified electrician, you will need to have 4 years as an apprentice, where you will get on-the-job training, and take hands-on classroom training one day week. 


If you are hired by Biz Com as an apprentice, the company will pay for all of your training, plus pay you very competitive full-time wages with benefits, as well as a 401K retirement savings plan.  You will earn a raise every year if you perform well. 


At the end of four years, once you become a certified electrical technician, you can make earn a fantastic salary, and have zero college debt.  In fact, your apprenticeship will count towards 33 college credit hours for an Associate Degree of Technical Studies at Cincinnati State.


Become an apprentice electrician with Biz Com --  join a great team, and invest in a great career!

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